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1. Hazlett Information Services [Hazletts] will acquire as our agent all goods and services that we ask them to acquire for us; and
2. We will be primarily liable to the suppliers to Hazletts for the cost of those goods and services; and
3. We will otherwise pay Hazletts for those goods and services and Hazletts' own services on the terms and conditions advised to us by Hazletts from time to time and agreed to by both of us.

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1. using the Information other than for your own internal business process.
2. on-selling, sub-licensing, disclosing or otherwise providing Information in any form to any other person.
3. altering the format, meaning or substance of any Information supplied.
4. making copies of Information other than as are reasonably required for back up purposes, provided that such copies include a Proprietary Notice and are secured so as not to be accessed or used by unauthorised persons or for any purpose other than backup. Other than in accordance with Schedule A, printing Property Information Supplied.


Hazlett Information Services will appropriately Certify that all information it makes available through its online systems is provided electronically through its suppliers including the Department of Lands, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, Department of Fair Trading, Office of State Revenue and Sydney Water AND WARNS that such information must be printed as provided and MUST NOT BE CHANGED, ADJUSTED OR MODIFIED.

Hazlett Information Services shall not be responsible or liable for any information which is changed, adapted or modified in any way from the form in which it was provided
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